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CWGC - Around Ieper leaflet 2023

Around Ieper leaflet


AROUND THE TOWN OF IEPER CEMETERY INFORMATION The city of Ieper lay at the heart of one of the most notorious battlefields of the Western Front – the Ypres Salient. No other town has a stronger connection with the CWGC than Ieper in Flanders, Belgium. Our cemeteries around Ieper are dominated by headstones engraved with Rudyard Kipling’s haunting phrase ‘Known Unto God.’ Several major battles were fought around Ieper, but even outside these periods life in the Salient was a gruelling, dangerous experience. For many soldiers, it came to define the war. 1 2 4 4 1 3 1 RAMPARTS (LILLE GATE) CEMETERY Rijselstraat, 8900 Ieper Ramparts Cemetery, a beautiful and peaceful spot. At the nearby Lille Gate (Rijselpoort) you can see some of our historic signs which pointed pilgrims towards the many cemeteries around the city. 2 MENIN GATE Menenstraat, 8900 Ieper Unveiled in 1927 the Menin Gate is one of the world’s greatest memorials. The names of over 54,000 missing soldiers are inscribed on its walls. Since 1928, the Last Post has sounded here at 8pm every night. 3 YPRES RESERVOIR CEMETERY Plumerlaan, 8900 Ieper A short walk from St. George’s Church, this cemetery was begun during the war in 1915. Several soldiers ‘shot at dawn’ for desertion were laid to rest here. 4 YPRES TOWN CEMETERY AND EXTENSION Zonnebeekseweg, 8900 Ieper Some of the British Army’s first burials were made here in the old town cemetery. The extension was formed in October 1914 and increased after the Armistice, when 350 graves were brought in from small cemeteries around the area. There are also many graves here of CWGC staff, dating back to the early days of the Commission’s work. Men and horses of the 1st Anzac Corps pass through the ruins of Ieper, October 1917 E_Aus 1122

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