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CWGC in the United Kingdom and Ireland

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TYPES OF COMMONWEALTH WAR GRAVES IN THE UK 4 PRIVATE MEMORIALS 5 • Over 37,000 graves are marked with private memorials chosen by family instead of a CWGC headstone • CWGC does not own or maintain private memorials but we do monitor their condition to ensure the individual’s name is legible SCATTERED GRAVES • Individual graves make up the majority of burials in the UK, with 90% of sites having fewer than 10 war graves • They are found in every type of burial ground from churches to cemeteries amongst other graves • Individual border planting is not practical on individual graves within these sites 7 5 PRIVATE MEMORIAL AT FOSTER HILL ROAD CEMETERY (BEDFORD CEMETERY), BEDFORDSHIRE 6 ARNOS VALE, BRISTOL 7 CHURCH OF ST MORWENNA AND ST JOHN THE BAPIST, MORWENSTOW, CORNWALL 6

5 WAR GRAVE PLOTS • There are nearly 600 plots with over 20,000 graves. At these sites the planting and uniform headstones resemble cemeteries more commonly seen in France and Belgium • These plots are situated in land set aside after the wars within local authority areas and churchyards • In many sites you will see the Cross of Sacrifice and, in larger sites, the Stone of Remembrance 8 CROSS OF SACRIFICE AT ISLINGTON CEMETERY AND CREMATORIUM, LONDON 9 CAMBRIDGE CITY CEMETERY, CAMBRIDGESHIRE 10 STONE OF REMEMBRANCE IN BIRMINGHAM (LODGE HILL) CEMETERY, WEST MIDLANDS 9 8 10

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